Group Orders

Got a group of friends, teammates or club members who want matching Velo Mats? We can help!

If you're looking to order multiple Velo Mats at once, we can offer fantastic deals for group orders - and even set you up with an ordering portal just for your team, group, or club!
This way you and your friends from your local team and club can get mats with matching logos (even ones with matching logos and different background patterns!).

Here's how to do it:

1. Get your crew together and work out which mats everyone wants to order.

2. Nominate a team contact and have them place all the mat patterns for the group (3 x Velodrome pattern, 2 x White Line Road pattern, 1 x Roubaix pattern, etc.) into the shopping cart.

3. Checkout your order, placing the following details for each group member in the 'Special Instructions' box on the checkout page:

  • Name 
  • Email address
  • Mat pattern
  • Name to be displayed on mat (if any), and its placement
  • Custom tagline text (if any), and its placement
  • Country flag(s) (if any), and its placement
  • Custom logo(s) (if any), and its placement
  • Any additional instructions.

4. Submit your order and make payment, being sure to enter one of the following discount codes - GROUP10 for 2-3 mats, GROUP15 for 4-5 mats, or GROUP20 for 6+ mats.

5. Email any common logos (vector files such as .ai or .pdf are best) to Feel free to include any questions or queries you or any group members may have about the process here.

Need to order a greater quantity of mats? Want to talk shipping logistics? Got any other questions?
If you're interested in mats for your group or club, contact 

Below are some examples of past custom designs for group orders:

Après Vélo Racing


Kiwi Crew Ride

The Big Ring (TBR)


Aussie/American Hump Day Riders (AHDR)